FTTX Network Solutions


FTTX Network Solutions


The growth of telecom network traffic is intensified by the proliferation of mobile and fixed network-attached devices, including smartphones, laptops and netbooks, e-readers, PCs, televisions and gaming devices, that are enabling consumers to access content at increasing data rates anytime and anywhere. The growing widespread use of IP-based video, including user-generated video, IPTV, streaming web video, video conferencing and mobile video enabled by 3G and LTE wireless infrastructures, has especially contributed to the growth in network traffic.  Hooosi products provide the critical infrastructure that connects these myriad devices to the optical network, including backhaul of mobile date and advanced Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and business access.

Wireless Backhaul

Mobile data traffic has been growing very rapidly, and according to a press release by Ericsson (March 23, 2010) mobile data traffic surpassed mobile voice traffic in December of 2009.  The proliferation of smart phones and video driven devices, like the Apple iPad, places great strains on the wireless data network, which is in truth only wireless for the last kilometer or so.  Increasingly, operators are turning to optical interconnections to provide the bandwith and flexibility necessary to accommodate this traffic growth.  Optical fiber systems are used for connecting remotely located antennas, aggregating traffic and backhauling traffic into the metro networks.  Hooosi makes a wide variety of transceivers and other optical modules which are used in these systems.


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