16Ch C43-C58 Dual Fiber DWDM Mux
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16Ch C43-C58 Dual Fiber DWDM Mux

16Ch C43-C58 Dual Fiber DWDM Mux
16 Channels C43-C58 Dual Fiber DWDM Mux Demux with Expansion Port, FMU 1U Rack Mount, LC/UPC
Product Details


16 channels C43-C58

Channel Spacing


Channel Passband

±0.11 nm

Center Wavelength Accuracy

±0.1 nm

Insertion Loss

Passband ≤ 5.6 dB
Exp ≤ 5.2 dB
(including connectors and adapters)


Adjacent channel ≥ 30 dB
Non-adjacent channel ≥ 35 dB

Return Loss

≥ 45 dB


≥ 50 dB

Polarization Dependent Loss

≤ 0.1 dB

Polarization Mode Dispersion

≤ 0.1 ps


Operating -5°C~ +75°C 
Storage -40°C~+85°C


481.8mm (W) x 261.2mm (D) x 44mm (H)


Expansion Port - For Future Bandwidth Increasing

Expansion port makes it possible to increase the network capacity without the need for installing or leasing additional fibers.


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