100G QSFP PSM4 1310NM 2KM
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100G QSFP PSM4 1310NM 2KM

100G QSFP  PSM4 1310NM 2KM


data rate 100G

wavelength (nm) 1310

Source DFB-PIN

Media Type MMF

tx power (dBm) -5.5~+2

rx sens (dBm) -10.2

temp. 0°C~+70°C

connector MPO

DDM with

reach 2km

certificate CE,RoHs,FCC




Supports 103.1Gbps aggregate bit rates

Single 3.3V Power Supply and Low Power dissipation

Up to 100m transmission on MMF OM4 and 10km/2km over SMF.

Hot-Pluggable QSFP Footprint

Class 1 FDA and IEC60825-1 Laser Safety Compliant

RoHS6 Compliant

Operating Case Temperature Standard: -5~+75C

Compliant with QSFP MSA Specification

I2C interface with integrated Digital Diagnostic Monitoring

4x25G electrical interface


High-speed interconnects within and between switches, routers and transport equipment

Server-Server Clusters, Super-computing interconnections

Proprietary backplanes

Interconnects rack-to-rack, shelf-to-shelf, board-to-board, board-to-optical backplane

100GBASE-LR4 Ethernet links

100GBASE-SR4 applications

100GBASE-LR4 Lite 2km applications

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