Service terms:
      Based on the deep understanding and research on optic communication, and advanced technology and innovative ideas,Hooosi try best to create the absolute advantage products and to provide efficient professional service support for customers.
 Not only supply high quality products, we also promise the professional service as follows:
      1.Good customer service consciousness and attitude,customer-focused, active,sincere and enthusiasm.
      2.Customers can contact the sales staff for consulting or ordering through the internet, elephone or visiting and so on.
      3.Providing qualification test report of the products when delivery.
      4.Providing product date sheet and detailed test report.
      5. One year warranty, three months free exchange and one year free repairing.
      6.if any quality problems, the engineer will quickly respond and give the effective solution.
      7.Complete service information system,integrated customers, products and services information together, accepting customer’s suggestion humbly.
Serving the customer, meeting the demand of the customer and improving the satisfaction ,all these are the continuous pursuit of Appan!  All of our products are guaranteed to be new  and  original, and to support with complete after-sales service. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us by the methods below. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and standing by to answer your question.


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